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The state has approximately a road network of 3, 00,000 km, out of which 173,000 km is under the Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department (PWD).  The roads under PWD comprise 7,550 km of National Highways (NHs), 7,530 km of State Highways (SHs), 7,544 km of Major District Roads (MDRs), 39,245 km of Other District Roads (ODRs) and 118,166 km of Village Roads. Only about 60% of SHs are double lane. In the entire state 62% of MDRs and 83% of ODRs have widths less than 7 m. A strategic option study carried earlier in 1996 indicated that the state lacked in terms of good quality roads compared to many other states of the country in terms 

Social Impact Social Impact
R&R Policy
Institutional Arrangement
Resettlement Action Plan ...
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Road Safety Road Safety
The road is expected not only to provide a structural carriageway for the traffic but also to provide necessary information, direction and safety enviro...
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