The state has approximately a road network of 3, 00,000 km, out of which 173,000 km is under the Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department (PWD).  The roads under PWD comprise 7,550 km of National Highways (NHs), 7,530 km of State Highways (SHs), 7,544 km of Major District Roads (MDRs), 39,245 km of Other District Roads (ODRs) and 118,166 km of Village Roads. Only about 60% of SHs are double lane. In the entire state 62% of MDRs and 83% of ODRs have widths less than 7 m.

A strategic option study carried earlier in 1996 indicated that the state lacked in terms of good quality roads compared to many other states of the country in terms  of  traffic  capacity  and  road  condition  and  a  strategic  core  road  network  was identified  for  improvement.  Based  on  that  study,  the U.P.  State  Roads  Project-II  was completed in the year 2010, wherein almost 2,600 km of roads out of the network were upgraded or rehabilitated with World Bank assistance.

It is amply clear in view of the emerging traffic trends that there is an urgent need for further improving the road network of the state and redefining the core road network from time to time. Keeping this in mind a study to prepare a road network master plan of the state is under way, wherein the consultants have identified an updated Core Road Network for the state comprising:

National Highway 7,550 km
State Highways 7,530 km
Major District Roads 5,761 km
Other District Roads 3,254 km
Total 24,095 km

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has a long-term program to improve the Core Road Network (CRN) and, as part of this program, has applied for a financial assistance from the World Bank for developing the Uttar Pradesh Core Road Network Development Project (UPCRNDP) – hereinafter referred as “the Project”. Although National Highways are an integral and significant part of Core Road Network, their widening/strengthening and maintenance activities are carried out through the resources of the Government of India (GoI). Therefore the entire 7,550 km length of National Highways within the state has not been included in the UPCRNDP. Instead the project will focus on remaining part of the CRN.

The UPCRNDP will have three Components:

  1. Civil Works Component: The scope of this component shall include upgrading/reconstruction/widening as well as rehabilitation of selected roads (hereinafter referred as “Project Roads”) from the Core Road Network (CRN) based on the available Budget. Please refer to the Attachment for the list of CRN roads. This component will also include the construction of a new Sharda Bridge at Pachpheri Ghat.
  2. Road Safety Component: A comprehensive and coordinated package of road safety sub-components to be delivered by the Transport, Home, Public Works and Health Departments.
  3. Road Sector and Institutional Reform Component: This component is likely to include a program to strengthen PWD asset management of SHs, MDRs and ODRs, to support the application of IT systems for human resource management and works budgeting and management across the PWD organization.

Total Project Cost is about INR 3500 Crore, out of which available funding for works has been estimated as about INR 3000 Crore.

The Project implementation period is about 8 years.