A project specific Environmental Assessment study has been carried out in accordance with the guidelines and operational manual of World Bank and guidelines of Ministry of Environment & Forests and Climate Change, Govt. of India. The major objective of this study is to establish present environmental condition along the project corridor through available data / information supported by field studies to evaluate the impacts on relevant environmental attributes due to the construction & operation of the proposed project; to recommend adequate mitigation measures to minimize / reduce adverse impacts and to prepare an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for timely implementation of the mitigation measures to make the project environmentally sound and sustainable. The specific environmental issues considered are Topography, climate, loss of productive soil, borrow area excavation, water resources, social-environment, air, noise, soil quality, biological characteristics and other sensitive environmental sites.

Environmental Regulations and Policy

Various environmental regulations and policies of Government of India, state Government as well as World Bank’s safeguard policies have been reviewed with respect to the proposed project activities. Based on the study, the requirements of various clearances and permits for different activities have been identified for the project which is listed below.

S.No. Types of Clearance/Permits Applicability
1 Forest clearance for land diversion For diversion of Protected Forest (Roadside plantation within ROW of the existing highway section declared as Protected forest)
2 Tree felling permission For roadside tree cutting
3 Consent for establishment under Air and water Act from SPCB For sitting and erection of stone crusher and Hot Mix and batching plants.
4 Consent for operation under Air and water Act from SPCB For operation constructing plant, crusher, batching, plant, Hot Mix Plant.
5 Explosive License from chief controller of Explosives For storing fuel oil, lubricants, diesel etc.
6 Permission for storage of hazardous chemical from CPCB Manufacture storage and import of Hazardous Chemical
7 Quarry lease Dead and Quarry License from state department of Mines and Geology Quarry operation
8 Environmental clearance for stone quarry from state environmental Impact Assessment Authority, U.P. Opening of new Quarry and Borrow area for earth material
9 Permission for extraction of ground water for use in road construction activities from State Ground Water Board Extraction of ground water.
10 Permission for use of water for construction purpose from irrigation department. Use of surface water for construction.
11 Labour license from labour Commissioner Office Engagement of labour

Public Consultation

Public consultation has been conducted as an integral part of social and environmental assessment process of the project with an objective to inform and educate stakeholders about the proposed action and to receive the public perception about the project. It assisted in identification of the problems associated with the project as well as the needs of the population likely to be impacted. This participatory process helps in reducing the public resistance to change and enabled the participation of the local people in this development process

Potential Environmental Impacts

Sufficient Right of way is available in the entire section of the project road to accommodate the proposed widening of the existing highway section to standard two lane with paved shoulder and the project work would mostly be limited within ROW. Little adverse impacts on environmental components are anticipated due to the project. Most of these adverse environmental impacts are related to construction works which are inevitable but are manageable through certain environmental friendly practices. These negative environmental effects can be taken care of at an early stage through proper engineering designs and through the contract during construction practices.

Environmental Management Plan

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is the key to ensure effective implementation of environmental safeguard measures during different stage of the project. The Environmental Management Plan includes implementation Framework, supervision, monitoring and reporting requirements. To ensure the effective, great, effective, and friendly locksmith services in Ireland visit The project specific EMP has been formulated for mitigating and offsetting the anticipated adverse impacts arising out of the project activities. The EMP also includes provision of environmental enhancement the proposed project road.