The Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Works component will be undertaken in two Phases. The Terms of Reference (TOR) for consultancy contract identifies some roads with an aggregate length of 419 km as Phase-I and remaining roads to be undertaken under Phase- II. The length of roads to be undertaken under Phase-II will depend on the total budget allocated to the Project. The total budgeted Project Cost is about INR 3,500 Crore, out of which funds available for the works has been estimated at about INR 3,000 Crore.

The overarching objective of the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) is to provide high quality technical and project management support during project preparation and implementation. The Public Works Department (PWD) on behalf of Government of Uttar Pradesh engaged M/s Egis India Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd. to carry out Consultancy Services for Uttar Pradesh Core Road Network Development Plan.

In achieving this objective, the Consultants is required to provide all required assistance and support to the PWD/GoUP/Bank Task Team in complying with World Bank Investment Project Financing Policies and Procedures. The Consultant is encouraged to refer to these policies available on World Bank’s external website before submitting the proposal and during delivery of these services.

The Project Management Consultancy services will be undertaken in three Parts.

PART A: Project Preparation including Detailed Engineering Design and Contract Documentation (Lump Sum) 24 months from commencement of services

PART B: Construction Supervision of Phase I Civil Works (Time Based) Until completion of Civil Works of Phase-I roads including DLP & Maintenance (24-30 months + 60 months Maintenances period including DLP)

PART C: Project Management Services (Time Based) Initially for 5 years further extension based on Consultants performance

The present consultancy assignment broadly includes project preparation (Detailed Engineering Design and Contract Document), Construction Supervision of Phase-I Civil Works and Project Management Services (includes development and implementation of PMIS) including additional geotechnical and hydrological / hydraulic investigation of the Sharda River Bridge (to substantiate an earlier design of the Sharda Bridge prepared in UP State Road Project to build at longer bridge at Pachpheri Ghat) and road safety enhancement work on about 2000 km of CRN Roads in Phase-II.


Proposed Project Road in Phase-I (Revised) for Civil Works are as indicated in the table below:

S. No. Road/Works Category Length (km) Civil Cost (in Cr)
1 Hamirpur-Rath Excluding Missing Link (UPG-01) SH-42 72.190 262.395
2 Garautha-Chirgaon (UPG-02) SH-42 49.145 189.990
3 Gola-Shahjahanpur Road (UPG-03) SH-93 57.300 356.900
4 Badaun-Bilsi-Bijnaour (UPG-04) SH-51 79.420 334.000
Total 306


Proposed Phase-II Roads assigned by UPPWD for Pre-Feasibility Study are indicated in the table given below:

Sr. No. Name of Road Lanes District Proposed Length Estimated Cost (In Cr) Priority
1 Moradabad-Haridwar-Dehradoon SH-49 4-Lane Moradabad 36.00 356.40 1
2 Garh-Syana-Bulandshahar SH-65 4-Lane Bulandshahar 49.50 499.20 2
3 Bahraich-Gonda-Faizabad SH-30 2-Lane with Paved Shoulder Bahraich-Gonda 60.10 365.00 3
4 Hamidpur-Kuchesar Road Hamidpur via Badshahpur SH-100 2-Lane with Paved Shoulde Gautam Budhnagar 47.50 289.20 4
5 Dumariaganj-Debrua, SH-75 2-Lane with Paved Shoulde Siddharthnagar 42.00 293.10 5
6 Bansi-Mehdawal-Khalilabad SH-88 2-Lane with Paved Shoulde SantKabirnagar- 32.00 193.10 6
Total Length (Km) 267.10 1996